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At MR Group, we offer complete engine overhaul service, which involves machining of damaged engine parts, together with replacement of worn out spare parts. After the reparation process is complete, your engine is once again recovered to its factory measurements and performance. We like to call it “New life for your engine”.

Our reparation process begins with disassembling of the damaged engine. Once we establish the degree of damage, our team makes a list of needed actions. In other words, what machining processes are needed and also which spare parts need to be replaced.

Quality selection of the spare parts which we use is the key to our success and endurance of our engines, and for this reason we work exclusively with leading international manufacturers and subcontractors.

After the engine is disassembled, engine parts such as heads, crankshaft, connecting rods and engine block are thoroughly cleaned and sent to the machining production line. Due to our technologically advanced engine part processing machines, we are able to achieve high precision results.

The last phase involves assembling of the engine. All of the parts are pre-painted and ready for installation. Having concluded our engine assembly, our mechanics install it into your vehicle and carry out the final inspection of the engine in order to avoid any possibility of error.

Besides the possibility of installation of the engine into your vehicle or machine, MR Group also offers the possibility of repairing used engines and sending them back to the client in our universal frame. In this scenario, engines are semi assembled (also known as long block assembly).

Regardless of whether you option for a complete engine overhaul and installation in our service, or you have a stock of used engines, feel free to contact us. Whichever option you choose, the engine(s) must be delivered fully assembled.